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Green Technologies
Processing Electronic Waste
Replacing steel with GFRP

Green Technologies

Waste Management

High Tech Building Materials

VSM Global is a provider of environment friendly solutions. We offer a unique combination of concept engineering, specialized bio-products and industrial waste treatment solutions which focus on the elimination and / or reduction of process waste at the source of origin by salvage, recovery or reuse.

VSM offers econimically viable solutions for processing different kind of waste. Most waste processing solutions are deployed out of necessity and not because of commercial viability. VSM's solutions are not only enviroment friendly but also commercialy profit making. 

VSM offers advanced and high-tech building materials, that are environmentally friendly. 
We help you save costs for your business.
Green Cleaning  & Disinfection
VSM has developed specialized GREEN solutions for different industry verticals to achieve higher levels of hygiene and sanitization, deep cleaning, water treatment and reduction of use of toxic & unfriendly chemicals.
Waste Management
Electronic Waste
We process printed circuit boards ( PCS's) to extract metals and plastic without inceneration or smelting.

We offer solutions for non-recyclable municipal waste to produce oil, gas and coke.
Business Specialists.
High Tech Building Materials
GFRP rebar, composite rebar
At VSM, we ensure the most sustainable, efficient and effective program results, which meet the highest standards of environmental stewardship.

VSM assists you in saving costs, improving your work environment by eliminating the use of harsh and toxic chemicals.
GFRP rebar, composite rebar, fiberglass rebar is very suitable to use in the applications where steel rebar is limited to its properties. Where corrosion is a problem such as in a humid, coastal & cold countries. GFPR can be used to take away the corrosion problem and all the costs associated with corrosion and maintenance.